How to Pitch?

Write down your pitch and follow the format provided below:

•PDF Format
•Max 20 pages
•Font: Century Gothic / Arial
•Font size: 12
     - Title of the Story
     - Synopsis: 1 Paragraph (How to write a Synopsis)
     - Detailed storyline: 1 – 3 pages max
     - Main Character Development, 1-page max including character sketches. (For writers, give us a word file with detailed description of your character/s and include some visual pegs)
     - First 8 pages of the komiks. (For writers, First 5 pages of the word manuscript)
     - Portfolio of previous komiks or original artworks related to the entry, 7 pages max. (Optional)
     - Creator’s Resume with clear profile picture, 1 page.
     - A scanned copy of the Author’s & Artist’s Gov issued ID (UMID, TIN, Passport, License) with the mailing address.

Submission Guidelines

Prepare your pitch according to the guidelines provided and email it to and follow the emailing format:

Subject: Story Pitch – [Your Title]

Email Body:

•Introduce yourself (name, location, age, etc)
•Share the synopsis of your story
•Give your contact details


Attach in your email the Pitch in PDF format along with a copy of your updated CV.

Kawangis Publishing CO.