Php 875.00
MIx of Full color & B/W Pages
6.5 x 10"
Standard Marvel/DC size

Written & llustrated by Faye Villanueva
Edited by Aria Chelabian

A compiled book on Incognito Chapters 1-10 plus art book in one! Features
Incognito 1
Incognito 2: Intramuros
Incognito3: Bayani
Incognito 4: Kapre
Incognito 5: Cinco
Incognito 6: Inferno
Incognito 7: Faust
Incognito 8: Sigalot
Incognito 9: Binhi
Incognito 10: Empacho

plus over 60 colored pages with never before published artworks by Faye Villanueva

best paired with Incognito Card Game:Sino Si Anino?
INCOGNITO Game: Sino Si Anino?
Php 550.00
Full color
2.5 x 4.75" card sizes
Holographic Cards

Game Play by Lawrence Martin
llustrated by Faye Villanueva
Edited by Aria Chelabian

"Sino Si Anino?" is an investigative table-top card game.

Players: 3 to 7
Age: 10+

What's in the box:
  • 14 Holographic Character Cards
  • 1 Token Card
  • Investigation Sheets
  • Mechanics

#edutainment #gamesph #tabletop #investigation #mystery #cardgame

Highlight Products

Maharlikan Chronicles Issue #1
Php 300.00
Full color
6.5 x 10"
Standard Marvel/DC size

Written by Arthur Soriano
llustrated by Faye Villanueva
Edited by Aria Chelabian
Inked by John Paul Revilla and John Mark Campo
Typeset by Renner Bernabe

This comic illustrates and narrates pre-colonial history focusing on Igorot/ Ibaloi pre-colonial stories and mythologies.

Perfect comic book for:
* Pre-Hispanic History enthusiast
* Ethnic/Tribal studies
* Homeschooling
* Traditional schooling
* AP/World History Subject Lesson

#edutainment #comicsph #comics #filipinohistory #aklat #educational

Unang Kadaugan

Php 150.00

The triumph of Lapu-lapu at the battle of Maktan is a story told over and over through history classes, from the lenses of the Spanish historians, and from the voice of a non-native Cebuanon.

Unang Kadaugan is a visual retelling of the story of the same battle but from the perspective and voice of someone who grew up in Cebu. From someone who has inherited the story from her ancestors.

In this book, Levy takes us back in time, in 1521, and brings to life what happened back then, fully immersing her readers into the series of events as they unfold, leading to one of the most momentous historical event ever recorded in the Philippines.

37 Pages
7.5" x 5.5"


“I keep having to persuade people that two of the better consistent users of the distinctly Pinoy manga style is Faye Villanueva with Arya Chelabian, but really, they are. Anyhow.”

— Komikninja
Philippine Comics Critic
“Amazing is too anemic a word. Ma-I is full of adventure, vigor, and movement - and yet it's humorous, heartwarming, and values-driven too. A rare combination in one work!.”

— Grace D. Chong
Palanca Award Winner and Best-Selling Author
“Your work is amazing and definitely this is all a blessing from God to work together.”

— Arthur Soriano
Author of Maharlikan Chronicles


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