INCOGNITO is an alternate history telling of 19th century where our would-heroes lived in a world of suspense and intrigue, navigating through unpredictable twists and turn to unravel the truth. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of excitement with our top-notch mystery genre comic books.

Genre: Alternate History, Mystery,
Language: Tagalog
Product Size: 7cm x 26cm x 3cm
SRP: Php 895.00

Full color & B/W Pages
6.5 x 10"
Standard Marvel/DC size

Written & llustrated by Faye Villanueva
Edited by Aria Chelabian

A compiled book on Incognito Chapters 1-10 plus art book in one! Features
Incognito 1
Incognito 2: Intramuros
Incognito 3: Bayani
Incognito 4: Kapre
Incognito 5: Cinco
Incognito 6: Inferno
Incognito 7: Faust
Incognito 8: Sigalot
Incognito 9: Binhi
Incognito 10: Empacho

plus over 60 colored pages with never before published artworks by Faye Villanueva

best paired with Incognito Card Game:Sino Si Anino?
INCOGNITO Game: Sino Si Anino?
Introducing our thrilling investigative card game that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Play as a detective and solve challenging cases by collecting clues and using your deductive skills. With intricate game mechanics and immersive storytelling, you'll feel like a true detective as you unravel each mystery. Perfect for game nights with friends and family or solo play, this game is sure to become a favorite.

Game Genre: Investigation, Mystery
Product Size: 15cm x 10cm x 7cm
SRP: P 550.00
Contents: 15 holographic cards (tarot-card size)
Gameplay instructions 20 detective sheets

Game Play by Lawrence Martin
llustrated by Faye Villanueva
Edited by Aria Chelabian

"Sino Si Anino?" is an investigative table-top card game.

Players: 3 to 7
Age: 10+

What's in the box:
  • 14 Holographic Character Cards
  • 1 Token Card
  • Investigation Sheets
  • Mechanics

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MA-I 9: Si Yerra

Napadaan sa bayan ng Kalatagan ang ating mga bida kung saan kaliwa’t kanan silang sinalubong ng mala-higanteng mga suliranin na higit sa kanilang kakayanang harapin. Sa kabila pa nitoy’ ninais pa nilang ipaglaban ang mamamayan ng maliit na bayan ng Kalatagan mula sa bagyo na matagal nang nang-aalipin sa kanila. Isang ‘di inaasahang sanggalang ang bumangon sa kaniyang pagluluksa upang puksain ang marahas na bugso ng hangin!
Php 120
60 Black and White pages, Tagalog
5.5 x 7.5”
Created by Arya Chelabian
Illustrated by Faye Villanueva
Edited by Daffodil Dedel

Incognito 13: Ahedrez

Minsa’y kailangan sumiyasat mula sa ibang anggulo at tingan kung dalawang mukha lang ba ang mundo. Hindi lahat ng nalalaman ay siyang makakapanalo sa iyo.  Subaybayan ang kwento kung saan unti-unting nasisiwalat ang katotohanan.
Php 95
40 Black and White pages, Tagalog
5.5 x 7.5”
Created by Faye Villanueva
Edited by Aria Chelabian


“Beep! Beep!”

This ride that is uniquely pinoy hitches first your soul and then leaves your body catching up. Its woofing sounds reverb in the streets and yet the driver can hear that you want to pay or where you want to be dropped off. When you’re late for school or work, it stops to top up for gas. All terrain, despite the flood, it is game. Hold on tight and it will keep your heart racing. And when you’re near your destination, shout atop of your lungs, “Para po!”

Enjoy a fun card game that immortalizes the king of the Pinoy street - the jeep!
God bless our trip!
Coming soon!

Game Genre: Racing Game
Product Size: 15 CM x 25 CM x 10 CM
Contents: 56 cards
       1 Gaming mat (inclusive of 2 gameplay instructions)

Created by Aria Chelabian



“I keep having to persuade people that two of the better consistent users of the distinctly Pinoy manga style is Faye Villanueva with Arya Chelabian, but really, they are. Anyhow.”

— Komikninja
Philippine Comics Critic
“Amazing is too anemic a word. Ma-I is full of adventure, vigor, and movement - and yet it's humorous, heartwarming, and values-driven too. A rare combination in one work!.”

— Grace D. Chong
Palanca Award Winner and Best-Selling Author
“Your work is amazing and definitely this is all a blessing from God to work together.”

— Arthur Soriano
Author of Maharlikan Chronicles


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